Against Police Radio Encryption

Welcome to our website.  We created this website to bring public awareness as to why the police radio encryption is not a good thing for the police and also the public.  Please take a few minutes and read below.

About Us:  We created this website when our own local police department went encrypted. We began to research the topic via several resources and found out just how bad it is for the police to encrypt their radios, for the police AND the public safety.


  • Not one documents case of scanner traffic jeopardizing an officers safety
  • Police use the excuse “Officer safety”  to gain the public support. But as stated above, there is not 1 documented case to scanner traffic has put an officers life at stake
  • Encrypting the police radios has already proven that it puts the officers lives more at stake, then when it was encrypted. because of the problems of the system and also other departments are not able to communicate.
  • Some departments that went encrypted have learned the hard way, and have decided to un-encrypt their airwaves once again.
  • Police are LESS transparent when they are encrypted
  • Police say they will use other methods of providing information to the public via blotters, social media, etc…   But once they encrypted, those promises have been false promises. Many departments failed to provide information via those methods and left the public hanging in the dark.
  • Once encrypted, it has been proven that police use the airwaves in an unprofessional manner and abuse the FCC regulations and say inappropriate things.

Stay tuned, Still in Development